Friday, April 24, 2009

The Countdown Begins....July 18th!!

We set our wedding date for July 18th at 10 a.m in the Mount Timpanogos Temple!! That's less then 3 months away!! So, the wedding planning has begun...gulp! We are both super excited!!! If you would like an invitation please leave your address in the comments or you can email me at ! Thanks!!!


David and Charlie said...

I would love an invite Nikki!!
My Address is;
1157 N 1340 W CIR #2
St. George UT 84770

Barlow Fam said...

I want to come too!!! Can I get an email address to send my address too??? I really am so happy for you and Tipper really seems like a great guy!

Scott and Haley said...

I am so excited!!!! Hooray for Nikki!! You better send me an invite!!! Can I do a sentence that is just exclamation points?!!!!!! Once again congrats! Yipee for Tipper and Nikki!!!!!!!
p.o. Box 652
Monticello, 84535

Marianne and Kory said...

Yippy! We are so excited for you. Congratulations! we wish we could come to the reception, but will be be in Philadelphia this summer selling.

tylerandtia said...

Me and My mom better get one! We love you!

Salli Kae
1147 N. Daybreak Dr.
Washington, UT 84780

Tia Talbot
117 S. 600 E.
St. George, UT 84770