Friday, July 6, 2012

Rav 3 Months!

 Rav's 3 month--June 16, 2012
Rav has turned into the best little guy! He is so so happy! He smiles at everyone who looks his way! We sure love our buddy!
Here are some Rav Facts:
~Biggest Smile
~Laughs out loud! (first laugh was at Lexi). Tip can get him to laugh the hardest.
~Loves to suck on his hand, binkie, cozy, his shirt, my shirt, anything he can get his mouth on!
~Isn't the best nap, take only 1 hour long naps.
~Loves loves Lexi. He just watches and smiles at her.
~He loves bathtime
~still eats every 3 hours during the day 
~He goes to bed between 730-8 and usually will sleep till about 1 then get up every 3 hours. He will sleep in till about 9 if Lexi doesn't wake him up. 
~Wears 6 month clothes
~still a bobble head
~Loves to lay on his belly.
~Lexi calls him buddy
He is the best little guy. He melts my heart! He is so fun! I love that he is starting to really interact with us!

 Of course Lexi had to have her picture with Rav too!

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The Hanson Family said...

That smile is so damn cute!