Friday, July 6, 2012

Lexi's 2!!

Lexi turned 2 on June 26, 2012. I can't believe that its been 2 years since she was born. She brings so much joy and love into our home. She is a silly, dramatic, and happy little girl. We sure love our Lexi!

Lexi's 2 year Stats:
Weight: 24.37 lbs (16%)
Height: 35 inches (71%)

Lexi Facts:
~She has a huge vocabulary. She talks in complete sentences and surprises daily and keeps us laughing the things she says.
~She has the highest, sweetest voice.
~She has a great memory. She remember names of people or places great. She is also really good at telling you where she put things.
~She loves to dance.
~She loves to watch her "shows." Favorites are still Mickey Mouse and Doc McStuffins. 
~She loves movies too. Favorites are all 3 Chipmunks movies, Toy Story, and really any cartoon.
~Loves to sing
~She absolutely loves to play "guys." Her guys are her lala loopsey's and her Disney figurines. She makes them talk to each other for hours! A favorite conversation between her guys is: she hold one on top of something and yells "help me help me" then the other one says "I'll save you" then she puts them together and says "oh thank you" Its hilarious.
~She is still a picky eater. Favorite meals are cereal, chicken nuggets, fries, hot dogs, grapes, apples, sloppy joe mix (no bread), PB&J if its on wheat toast with no crust, rice and beans and yolert (yogurt).
~She loves orange juice, milk, water and sneaking mom and dad's drinks.
~she can count to 10
~sing her ABC's (she leaves out letters)
~she loves to play with friends
~she loves her cousins.
~she is such a spook when it comes to bugs
~She loves kittys and dogs
~She loves to go for walks and to the park.
~She loves to go on the swings
~She love to go for rides in dad's truck
~ she loves getting in the tubby
~she LOVES chocolate and asks for some daily.
~Favorite snacks are fruit snacks (nacks), chips, grapes, pretzels, lellos (marshmallows), cookies, raisins. She has to have her snacks in a bowl when she is at the house.
~She sleeps great in her big bed. Goes to bed at 8 and gets up between 7 and 8.
~Great big sister, always makes sure Rav is ok and that we don't forget him.
~Loves to dress herself.
~Is picky when it comes to shoes and will only wear one pair. She wore her crocs everywhere (including church, until they got too small.) She wont wear flip flops or any sandles, 
~She still sleeps with her blankie. She still rubs the tag on her face when she is tired or sad. 
~Wears 24 month to 2T shirts
~wears 18 month to 24 month pants
~loves to go to church.

She is truly my best little buddy. I love her more then words. She is definitely in her terrible 2's and some days can push my buttons to no end. But she is the sweetest little girl too. I could sit and watch her play all day. She is so fun to have conversations with. She has a great imagination. I can't imagine our lives without her. She is turning into an amazing little person. It is fun to watch her grow. We sure love our little Lexi!

She was being so silly while I was trying to take her picture. Her are just a few of the outtakes. They are all still so cute!

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