Sunday, June 26, 2011


Tip's Grandma Plowman died last week so we headed up to Tremonton to the funeral. It was quite an eventful trip. As we were driving up there we made it to Cedar when our car started acting funny. We decided to turn around and drove back to St. George to the dealership. Sure enough our transmission was bad. Six hours and a rental car later we finally were back on the road. Then rental car we got happened to be a two door black Mustang. Although, it seems like a really cool car it is not carseat friendly. I felt like I was right up in the dashboard. 

The funeral was really good. It was good to see family and to spend time with Tip's parents. Lexi loved being up there. She enjoyed playing with her cousins. While we were there we decided to do a little shindig for Lexi. Grandma Dina made cupcakes and we let her attack them. She thought it was awesome and kept giving big grins between bites. She smeared them everywhere! We then opened presents. Diana and Gary gave her a cute outfit and her first barbie.

(while we were doing the cupcake thing I dropped my camera into a cereal bowl. So my milk sogged camera wasn't able to take anymore pictures. It did dry out thanks to Gary, but then today Lexi dropped it on the kitchen floor and broke it again. I guess we were destined for a new camera.)

 Lexi decided she wanted a bite of Gary's cheerios. He offered her the spoon and she dug her hand straight into the bowl for a handful of cheerios. He was a good sport and didn't mind sharing.
 This is the cute birthday outfit!
Before the funeral Lexi took a short and only nap of the day.

 Tip and Scotty trying to teach the kids how to use a slip n'slide.

The Cupcakes....

I think she liked it!


Harris Family said...

OH WOWWWW!!! She made an incredible mess, I love it, way to go Lexi. Sure wish we lived closer, it sucks missing out on EVERYTHING!!!!! Looks like you had a blast.

The Hanson Family said...

She's so funny :)