Monday, February 21, 2011

Worlds Greatest Daddy!

Poor little Lexi had a major case of the stomach flu. She woke up yesterday at 5 a.m. and was really restless. She ended up sleeping in my bed for a couple hours. Then she wouldn't eat, and if you know Lexi she never denies food! It wasn't long after that that the throwing up started. Its so hard to watch such a little body puke violently. Her whole body would shake after. So we spent the day cuddling, bathing, doing laundry, trying to get her to drink water, and napping. We finally got her to sleep at 10 last night. Tip and I went to bed at 1030, I fell right asleep since I wasn't feeling so well myself. Around 3 am I woke up and Tip wasn't in bed. I couldn't hear him and panicked since he is a sleep walker. I got up to find him and discovered him asleep on the floor in Lexi's room. He was so worried about her throwing up and us not hearing her he decided to sleep on her floor. I wish I could of taken a picture. He is such a sweet Dad. It killed him to watch her be sick, and he even helped clean up the throw up. I sure love him. I love that he loves Lexi so much. She loves him too! When he comes home from work and come in the garage as soon as she hears the door shut she starts looking for him. He spends 2 whole days a week taking care of her while I work. He gets her ready even puts a headband on her. He is truly the worlds greatest Daddy!