Friday, July 9, 2010

Life with Lexi...

I can't believe my baby will be 2 weeks old tomorrow!! Crazy!! These past 2 weeks have been quite the whirlwind. After we came home from the hospital my mom spent a couple days with me. It was so nice having her here. I didn't realize how much I wanted her here until she left! After she left, I slightly had an emotional breakdown (which I blame on hormones), so we decided to go up north for the 4th of July weekend! It was a blast to be up there and see my family. We enjoyed swimming and BBQ and some good card games. It was what i needed!! (thanks to my sweet husband who dropped everything so we could go! He is the best).

Lexi is the best baby! She is very content and happy! She stares at you like she is trying to figure you out! She makes the best facial expressions, most of which her Dad makes the same ones! She is totally Tipper's daughter, there is no denying that! She looks exactly like him!! She changes everyday! She is a pretty good sleeper! I am still getting used to the night feeds, but we seem to have more of a system down! I sure love this little girl and can't imagine our lives without her!!

Here our some random pictures I've taken over the last 2 weeks, in a random order!

Ryder loves the baby! He kept putting his cheek to hers and saying ahh

Nap time with Dad (we both love when she cuddles up with us!)
Hanging out

Happy 4th of July (thanks Tricia for the onesie!)

1st real bath! She loved it!!

She loves her swing!!

Mom and Lexi

1st sponge bath, she hated it!

Mom and Nanny Kayla giving the 1st sponge bath

So cute!!

Soaking up some rays!!


Amy and Woody said...

she's so cute!! It makes me wanna snuggle her

Skyler and Katie said...

She is so cute Nikki, good job! I know how feel when my mom left I got pretty depressed and lonely it's a weird feeling when everyone goes home and you are all alone.

jami said...

so cute nikki. Love the pics. Rys nose looks huge!

The Martin's said...

Hey I just found your blog, congrats. How Precious, glad you guys are all doing good. If you want to see my blog send me an email to If you can't remember I'm Josie's friend Sarah :)

Wendy said...

She does look a lot like Tipper. I cried when my mom left after Matt was born too. Those are cute pics. We hope we get to see her soon. Hopefully Linzy will have her baby soon and we will come and down and see both of the new babies!

B-shaw's said...

AAAAwwww....Nikki, you mom clued me into your blog so we could see darling baby Lexi pictures....soooo cute, can't wait to show my girls! So fun!l