Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bili Lights..

We were supposed to be discharged from the hospital on Monday morning. When the nurse brought Lexi to me early that morning, I took one look at her and knew we wouldn't be going anywhere. She was pretty yellow! When my doctor walked in, the first thing I asked was what her bili was and he told me it was 15 (we want it less than 10). So under the bili lights she went. The nurse in me knew that she would be ok and that it wasn't a big deal but the new mom in me cried. So they discharged me from the hospital, but since they weren't very full, they let me stay in my room just not as a patient. So we sat all day in the nursery, with our little girl in the tanning beds. She was allowed out every 3 hours for 30 minutes, so I could feed her. Oh how a cherished those minutes!! After 24 hours under the lights her bili came down to 9.4, so he let us go home the next morning. I packed up our stuff so quick!! We did have to go and have her bili checked again that day but it came back 8.3. I took her to the doc again this morning and she was perfectly pink!! I sure love this little girl!!
This is her first try in the carseat...she looks so tiny in there!!

This is her first car ride!


Beck said...

YEAH!!! SHe is BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats. We cant wait to see her.

Wendy said...

She is so beautiful Nikki. We're really excited for you!! The girls can't wait to come see their new "girl" cousin. With so many boys in the family it's about time for another girl. (Sorry, but Matt's more excited for another boy!) We love you and hope to see her soon.

kars and linz said...

she really is getting cuter every day! how is that possible! cant wait to see you guys this weekend! i miss her already... and you guys of course!

Darin and Janey Bloomfield said...

OOh, she is so cute!! She totally looks like your hubby. Congrats and keep the pics coming.