Sunday, October 9, 2011

15 months and random photos!!

Can you believe that my baby is 15 months!!! She is actually not a baby anymore :( and is turning into quite the fun little toddler. She is so fun! She has quite the personality and we love it!!
Here are her latest stats:
Weight: 19 lbs 6 oz (8%, FINALLY)
Length: 31 inches (68%)
Head: 18.1 inches (53%)
Lex is so fun! I love playing with her everyday. She is quite a girl girl! 
Here are some of her latest talents:
~She Loves babies and doesn't go very far without her doll.
~She still loves movies.
~She loves playing dress ups, especially wearing tutus.
~She loves getting her hair done and sits and smiles at herself the whole time.
~She is very chatty and talks all day long. Her favorite words are:
Mom, Dad, Oh no! no no no, yes, hi, bye bye, ball, baby, Bamba (grandpa), backpack, Jadi, boon (balloon), moo (cow), baaa (lamby), hee (hourse). And lots of jibberish.
~She loves putting stuff in the garbage (pretty sure we've sacrificed a few toys to the trash.
~Loves milk.
~Loves a bowl of cereal (runs to the kitchen every morning.)
~Loves to be outside
~Loves to go bye bye.
~Loves playing with big kids.
~Loves to go for walks.
~Loves shoes.
~Still loves her blanky and cozy.
~Loves to go down for a nap and to bed at night.
~Loves to wait in the window and watch for Mom to come home from work. She waves like mad as a I drive up. I look forward to seeing her face in the window.

I could go on and on about her. She is so fun. She loves to help. When I get out of the shower she always hands me my towel. She loves to help Tip clean the cars. She also can be quite dramatic and often falls on the floor when she doesn't get what she wants. She loves snacks and all food. Her favorite is fruit snacks! She is getting so big. I can't believe it! It goes by way to fast!!

Here are some random pictures I've taken over the last month with my phone. We still haven't purchased a new camera.

 Watching TV and eating seeds with Dad
Playing dress ups
Riding RyRy's bike
5 Kids in the Tub after the marathon
Wearing her tutu even in her jammies.
Cute bum!
Just because she is too cute!

She discovered she could climb on the toy box and reach the lights.
She was so proud!
Helping Mom clean the bathroom.

 This is what Lex looks like most mornings! Crazy Hair!!


Susan said...

She is simply adorable. I can't get enough. Keep posting. Love the pictures and update. Never thought she looked like Aunt Susie until I seen the bed head pictures. That's me!

The Hanson Family said...

Want a little lady she's turned out to be! Love it :)