Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Quick Get Away...

We went up to Tremonton for a quick get away. The weather was fantastic! It has been so hot down here in St. George that it has taken its toll on us. So we haven't been able to spend very much time outside because of the heat.  So, we enjoyed as much time outside as we could. We still haven't bought a new camera so the only pictures we have are from my iphone. Thank heavens for camera phones!!

Its always a good time to see Gary and Diana. Poor Lexi got a new tooth while we were there and started sprouting her molars. So she was not her usual happy self. She spent a lot of time sobbing. Lucky Grandma and Grandpa figured out how to cure her tears with rides on the 4-wheeler. Lexi would stand by the window and cry and point at the 4-wheeler.

 This is Lexi's famous oooo face. Every time she sees something and gets excited this is the face she makes.

 About the only thing Lex ate while we were there was corn on the cob. This was a first for her. She loves corn and I think the cob felt great on her teeth.

Thanks Gary and Diana for a great weekend!!