Friday, August 5, 2011

The 24th of July

We had a really great 24th of July. All of my brothers and sisters came to my parents house. It was really a good time. We spent one day at the Thanksgiving Point Animal Farm. It is always fun to have all the grandkids together! They all have so much fun together. We spent the rest of our timing swimming. It was Lexi's first time in a pool and she absolutely loved it! We had a great time with great food, great fireworks and great company. We always have a fun time with family!

Lexi loved crawling for in the tubes at the farm.

Lexi's first horsey ride. She had mixed feelings.

They were exhausted after the farm.

Lexi loved playing with the big kids.


When we headed back to St. George Lexi fell asleep before we even backed out of my parents driveway

Thanks Mom and Dad for a great weekend!

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