Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big Girl...

After much thought, we decided to put Lexi in a forward facing car seat.
She thinks she is quite big sitting forward!
Its pretty cute to see her sing along to the radio!
And who doesn't want to see this face in your rear view mirror?


melimba said...

Okay, that Lexi is just too cute! Don't you love having them FINALLY face forward?!? It's a whole new world for EVERYone! And, so much easier to give her things, she can see the world... oh, good times will abound! :)

Love your posts, sweet Nikki!

Rumor has it we might be able to have you watch Cal in a few weeks?? Tell me honestly, are you really okay with that? If you'd rather give us a name of a YW in your ward, that would be fine too!

You're the best! Can't wait to meet your little dolly in person!
love love love,melis

Souza Family said...

She is so dang cute! I can't believe a whole year has past and we still haven't had a play date.
I love forward facing seats too.

The Jackson Two said...

OH my goodness!!! She's getting so big! I just can't even imagine getting to that stage!!!! She's darling!