Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Piggy Tail!!

Today was a big day for us Harris girls, Lexi was able to sport her first piggy tail!!! You have to look very close but it's there! I've been so excited to be able to do Lexi's hair and it has taken 8 months to grow enough to put in a little piggy tail! She has been able to have the curl on top for a quite a few months.  I noticed when I was putting in her curler on Sunday that her curl was getting long. So today I attempted a new do and it worked! She looked so adorable and actually kept it in all day. She is getting so big and so much fun!! I tried to take a good picture of her new hair do but she was way more interested in playing with her babies! I sure love my little girl!!

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Souza Family said...

So cute, but seriously doing girls hair is fun in the beginning and gets old really fast. You just wait until her hair is all long and ratty in the morning and you have to beg her to let you even comb it, O boy...
However, you made me realize I should put piggy tails in Anna's hair. It is totally long enough, I just haven't thought of it

The Hanson Family said...

I remember when I got Leah's hair in a pony for the first time. It was basically a rubber band with a couple of hairs sticking out the top. But I loved it.