Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Trick!

Lexi has learned how to stand holding onto something. She thinks this is quite a neat new trick. She loves playing in the toy box, although she hasn't figured out how to sit once she is standing, so she gets frustrated sometimes. Also she can't move her feet so she just stretches her arms and reaches until she either topples over or gets the toy. She is so funny to watch. It seems she learns something new each day. I love watching her world expand.
(yes that is a curler in her hair)
Leaning to get her toy.
Of course she wanted the biggest toy in the box!
I love this smile!


The Hanson Family said...

It's it the coolest to see your kids learn something new! Love it!

Harris Family said...

Watch out.... She will be walking before she crawls.... That's exactly what I did ;) that's what ya get when you have such a smart baby.... Sure love her!!!