Thursday, September 3, 2009

update on the Harris House

I've been trying to put up pictures from our wedding but for some reason it won't let me!! I will try again tomorrow!! But here is a quick update!!
~We have been married for almost 7 weeks!!
~We LOVE LOVE our new house!! Decorating has been so fun!!!
~We got called to be primary teachers and are really excited!!
~We got a new niece Raegan Harris and new nephew Ryder Christiansen a day a part from each other.
~We have really enjoyed being married!! Tip is such an amazing guy! I fall more in love with him everyday.


Beck said...

Cant wait to see more pictures!! I LOVE your picture you put as your header. And Im glad things are going good for you guys.

Wendy said...

I want to see pictures of your house. I guess we will be down there in a couple of weeks to see it ourselves! Can't wait to hang out with you guys and get to know your husband!

Fromm's said...

Congrats on getting hitched! I wish I could've made your reception, but had difficulties getting to the Harris's that day! All seems to be going well!